3D Systems Updates Name of Tech Chart

The FDA, VA, America Makes and the CDC have all published guidance and 3D Systems is collaborating with all these organizations in its response efforts.

The FDA, VA, America Makes and the CDC have all published guidance and 3D Systems is collaborating with all these organizations in its response efforts.

3D Systems has revised the name of its recently published chart to the following: Materials Technology Overview Chart.

3D Systems has expertise in 3D printing, engineering, quality control and regulatory requirements, which has enabled production of nearly 1 million medical devices. For all medical devices, 3D Systems complies with guidance from the FDA—testing the safety and efficacy of all devices.

Recently, the FDA has issued several emergency use authorizations for items such as personal protective equipment for healthcare providers that are allowing companies to get clearance more quickly than previously possible. Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Veterans Affairs, America Makes and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have all published guidance and 3D Systems is collaborating with all these organizations in its response efforts.

Over the weekend, 3D Systems released a Material Technology Recommendation Chart on its COVID-19 response page. This chart was prepared to identify the best candidates for printer-material combinations for which either Class VI and/or ISO 10993 certifications are possible, including potential solutions to applications in emergency situations though the materials are not Class VI and/or ISO 10993 certified and customers should conduct their own testing to determine whether certification is possible. 

PPE: Face Shield Frame File

The Face Shield Frame file made available on 3D Systems' website March 27 has been downloaded more than 1,000 times.

3D Systems On Demand Engaged in 50 COVID-19 Projects

3D Systems’ On Demand is currently involved with approximately 50 different projects to support healthcare workers and medical device manufacturers during the pandemic. The company's supply chain is enabling work with private enterprises, NGO’s, and hospitals to fulfill prototyping and volume manufacturing requests, as well as bridging gaps in the traditional supply chain. Projects we’re working on include face shields for hospitals in the UK, Italy and US, face masks, ventilator components, disposable valves to convert scuba masks to emergency ventilators, as well as door openers. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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