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Editor’s Pick: 3D Scanning Solution for Designers

FARO launches Design ScanArm 2.0; company says it enables greater efficiency across design processes.

A turnkey 3D scanning solution, FARO’s Design ScanArm 2.0 is offered in three maneuverable arm lengths and is available bundled with 3D scanning software. Image courtesy of FARO.

Sponsored ContentTony LockwoodDear DE Reader:

It's Valentine's Day. Some pretty sweet news rose up from the newswires for all of you who spend time scanning physical objects for whatever reason—3D modeling, reverse engineering legacy parts, digital archiving, updating tools and molds, inspection, validation and, well, you know the jobs.

FARO just launched the FARO Design ScanArm 2.0. They describe it as their next-generation 3D scan-to-CAD solution engineered for designers. And, I hear you query, what does “for designers” mean?

For one, the Design ScanArm 2.0 is a turnkey system. You can get it bundled with third-party 3D scanning applications tailored for designers. That includes one of 3D Systems' Geomagic series toolsets—Geomagic Wrap, Geomagic Design X and Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS. These are dedicated tools for scanning, meshing and surfacing your objects of interest or even going further and creating feature-based, editable solid models.

Two: But the show-me hardware factor here is the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD (high definition). This is one of FARO's advanced blue lasers. It gives you a wide stripe and a perky scanning speed of up to 600,000 points per second. It shrugs off most changes in reflectivity so that you can collect points without waiting for it to adjust or changing its settings.

Two (part B): Other hardware characteristics of note include three arm lengths so you can pick the model and maneuverable range that fits your processes. It's also offered with the option of dual, hot-swappable batteries so you can run it without external power. The latter suggest portable, which all Design ScanArm 2.0 units are. The biggest model weighs 22 lbs.

Three: Like any good design application, the Design ScanArm 2.0 sounds built to make the job easier and faster. If you ever used a FARO arm, you know they glide where you direct them with an easy, Fred Astaire grace. This new generation reportedly offers improved maneuverability and enhanced ergonomics.

Now, combine the Design ScanArm 2.0's nimble maneuverability with the FAROBlu probe's speed then couple it with dedicated 3D scanning software. That should add up to a scanning system that enables you to scan in objects sublime and gnarly with minimal fooling around and operator fatigue.

So, hit today's Editor's Pick of the Week link and scan in more details about the FARO Design ScanArm 2.0. This system could be the solution you sought for capturing the rose among thorns. Check it out.

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, DE

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