Editor’s Pick: Improve file editing for 3D prints

Now released is Materialise Magics 26, software for 3D printing file preparation.

Now released is Materialise Magics 26, software for 3D printing file preparation.

Materialise Magics 26 improves a twin workflow of using both CAD files and mesh data to prepare 3D printing build files. Image courtesy of Materialise.

Materialise introduces version 26 of Magics, its software for 3D printing file preparation. Magics edits CAD and mesh data, allowing for an optimal workflow for each printing project. 

Materialise says Mesh and CAD each offer unique benefits when editing and preparing files for 3D printing. CAD offers a higher resolution than mesh for part editing, while mesh offers a consistent file format that ensures quality and compatibility with most 3D printers. The mesh file format contains all information about the inside and outside of 3D models necessary to slice parts and begin 3D printing. 

Magics 26 introduces a Part Scene in which users can edit CAD-based parts. This complements the existing Part and Platform Scenes for editing, fixing, analysis and build preparation. Magics 26 users will be able to choose a preferred workflow based on project requirements, and edit in either mesh or CAD. 

The company says this new workflow for part editing supports projects that demand a close alignment to or frequent changes between design and data preparation. Editing and saving their parts in a CAD-native format enables Magics users to maintain part integrity. The company says it also means cleaner, high-resolution CAD files. 

Magics 26 also features updates to working with mesh data. Look for improved support generation and advanced automated nesting to help lower the scrap rate and increase productivity. Also, discover the ability to enhance flexible cone and tree supports with braces, to improve print stability. Advanced automated nesting enables higher part density and offers the option to generate supports between parts when using Electron Beam Melting and Binder Jetting methods. Materialise says the supports improve heat dissipation to decrease warping and prevent parts from fusing together during the printing process. 

There is also support for Materialise’s new software platform CO-AM. Based on the company’s acquisition of Link3D, Materialise says CO-AM will allow manufacturers to better plan, manage and optimize their AM operations “through fully streamlined and scalable workflows.”  

Astrid Dejosé is a designer for Additive Manufacturing at Sirris, and an early user of Magics 26. “With Magics 26, I can easily modify CAD-models without having to go back to a CAD-design software. It is so much more efficient to stay in Magics 26 without the need to switch between applications.”

Magics 26 is available directly from Materialise. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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