HOOPS Summit Brings Out VR Developers, ANSYS-Autodesk Partner to Cater to Automotive, New Large-Format 3D Printer, More

HOOPS Summit Brings Out VR Developers, ANSYS-Autodesk Partner to Cater to Automotive, New Large-Format 3D Printer, More

HOOPS Summit Brings Out VR Developers, ANSYS-Autodesk Partner to Cater to Automotive, New Large-Format 3D Printer, More

Peopoly launches Phenom, a large-format 3D printer using mask stereolighography technology. Image courtesy of Peopoly.

HOOPS Summit

This week, HOOPS Summit took place in Mountain View, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

HOOPS is the software development kit from TechSoft. The technology works behind the scene to power well-known CAD programs from Autodesk, Siemens, and Dassault Systemes, among others. At this year’s summit, the company reveals its roadmap to bolster support for AR-VR to help its partners ride the wave.

One company speaking at the event was Nucleus VR, a digital twin solution provider and a HOOPS user.

Using the VR app developed by Nucleus VR, earth-bound experts can send instructions to the crew in the International Space Station so they can correctly perform complicated repair and maintenance procedures. It examplifies using the digital twin of the space craft for training, troubleshooting, and collaboration.

Support for AR-VR in HOOPS SDK allows CAD and simulation programs to add more creative functions in AR-VR environment. Many companies in are looking at remote assistance as one of the growing use of AR-VR in the enterprise space.

Autodesk and ANSYS

Recently, Autodesk and ANSYS, two household names in design and simulation, struck up a partnership.

According to the announcement, it’s “a collaboration to help automotive companies combine visual design review and regulatory compliance validation in a connected workflow.”

In practice, the collaboration brings together ANSYS’s physics-based lighting simulation software with Autodesk’s VRED, a rendering and visualization program for automotive design. VRED also allows you to use VR to experience car models that are still in development.

With a host of products for media and entertainment, Autodesk has film- and movie-quality visualization technologies. The handshake between ANSYS and Autodesk—who also compete with each other in some areas—represents a coopetition for mutual benefit.

Phenom by Peopoly

3D printing systems maker Peopoly has just launched Phenom, a large format MSLA (mask stereolithography) printer priced $1,799. The print area is roughly 10.9” x 6.1” x 15.7”.

This new printer, the company says, is different from its predecessor Moai series. Phenom “applies selective exposure to sensitive resin with lights masked by LCD.”

“MSLA is much faster than laser when printing a large object or a full plate of small objects because the entire layer is cured from resin,” explains Peopoly.


Next week, DE and NAFEMS bring you CAASE19, a virtual conference focusing on trends in the use of simulation in engineering.

Conference keynote is on the use of Model based systems engineering (MBSE) in the Mars Rover 2020 project. Other tracks include Ford’s use of an open-source game engine to develop and test autonomous car’s decision making, the difference between additive manufacturing (AM) and die casting, and more.

To register, go to https://www.digitalengineering247.com/virtual/

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The inaugural CAASE19 virtual conference was held on Oct. 8. If you missed the live event, the keynote and individual conference sessions are still available on-demand via our registration page.)

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