Editor’s Pick: 1-Meter Build Chambers for Professional 3D Printing

There's now an updated version of its ONE large-format 3D printer and a new PRO model with additional features for professional use.

There's now an updated version of its ONE large-format 3D printer and a new PRO model with additional features for professional use.

The new, improved BigRep PRO, a meter cubed 3D printer, is designed with the industrial user needs in mind. Image courtesy of BigRep.

BigRep announces an updated version of its ONE large-format 3D printer and introduces the new PRO model with additional features for professional use.

BigRep says ONE offers a new transparent printer housing and automatic door sensors to help ensure a more constant printing environment. 

The ONE now offers three print modes. Single mode is one ONE; Dual Mode is two ONE printers sharing the workload by enabling water-soluble support filament in the second printer. Dual Mode uses two filaments with varying mechanical properties for complex applications. BigRep says Twin Mode can double production by using both extruders to print the same part side by side. 

The Berlin, Germany-based company says the open design ensures unobstructed print monitoring and easy access to the print bed. The POWER EXTRUDER (PEX) is fiber-ready and can be used for single or dual printing. It offers interchangeable nozzles at 0.6, 1.0 and 2.0 nm. 

The company offers these add-ons for the ONE: 

  • Camera: Monitors print progress remotely via webcam 
  • Keep-Dry: Has a special box for protecting filament from dust and moisture
  • Custom Color: The ONE can now be shipped with other colors in addition to its standard orange corners on a metallic frame. 

BigRep ONE is compatible with a variety of materials, including those from third-party vendors, in these material families: 

  • PLA
  • BVOH
  • PETG
  • PRO HT
  • PLX
  • PVA 
  • TPU
  • PLA Ultralight
  • PLA Antibacterial 

The company says BigRep PRO is new for 2022. PRO takes the concept of a 1-meter build volume and adds various new features to make it an industrial strength printer. 

PRO uses a gantry built by Precision Motors Portal and CNC components from Bosch Rexroth. It also features a hybrid software-hardware system called JUMPSTART, which BigRep says simplifies model setup and related build prep. JUMPSTART has three parts: 

SWITCHPLATE is a removable, flexible print bed surface. It is available with several choices for coating, each optimized for use with specific materials. SWITCHPLATE is magnetic for easy placement, and heated for optimal adhesiveness and easier part removal. 

MTX CONTROL SYSTEM is the software component for JUMPSTART. The company says it uses proprietary algorithms to improve gcode and offers higher accuracy and better quality than any previous BigRep model. 

LOCKSTAGE is a simplified extruder mounting system; BigRep says using LOCKSTAGE avoids manual position calibration. 

BigRep Pro works with the following categories of engineering-grade and carbon fiber-reinforced materials, as well as selected biopolymers and water soluble supports: 

  • ASA 
  • PRO HT
  • PA6/66
  • PETG
  • BVOH
  • PA12-CF 

Both BigRep printers are available by contacting the company for referral to a local dealer. 

A video introducing BigRep 3D printers is here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website. 

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