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Vertex Names Digital Transformation SVP

Cadence Completes NUMECA Acquisition

Editor’s Pick: A simulation toolkit for complete electronics design 

Walkinshaw Andretti United Taps Into 3D Printing to Prep for 2021 Supercar Event

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2021.1 Out Now

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The March issue includes coverage of how simulation and design technology helped teams in the America's Cup improve the performance of their high-end racing yachts.



Product developers are under pressure to develop and deliver innovative new products in shorter amounts of...
Regardless of your role within the business, you need to take a pragmatic approach when investing...

The new Lenovo ThinkStation P620, combined with the powerful NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU, can take engineering...
COMSOL users from around the world shared their stories with us, and now we are looking...

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Lenovo ThinkPad P1 G3 OLED: Still Nearly Perfect
Lenovo ThinkPad P1 G3 OLED: Still Nearly Perfect
The next step in the evolution of an excellent 15.6-in. mobile workstation does not disappoint.
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Featured Glossary Term: Finite Element Method (FEM)
A means to approximate partial differential equation (PDE) discretizations (discrete counterparts transferred – with some amount of error – from continuous functions, models, variables and equations) with numerical model equations in order to break down large problems into simpler finite elements that can be solved via numerical methods. Studying a phenomenon with FEM is known as finite element analysis (FEA).
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Editor’s Pick: A simulation toolkit for complete electronics design 
Altair Simulation 2021 enables users to develop complex products that use 5G, fully test electronic board performance and conform to modern manufacturing practices. 
Editor’s Pick: Customer input drives updates
IronCAD Mechanical 2021 is an add-on productivity module in the IronCAD Productivity Suite.
Editor’s Pick: Explore vendor-neutral, PLM file management software  
Razorleaf CLOVER CollectIT opens up opportunity to securely extract, package and distribute numerous PLM file and data types.
Editor’s Pick: Task-specific access to the systems model 
e-Xstream Engineering's Digimat update includes the use of CT scan data to validate and continuously improve a composite’s microstructure. 
Editor’s Pick: Calculating the cost of binder jet 3D metal printing
ExOne Production Metal Cost Calculator offers a per-part estimate for binder jet 3D printing a precision metal part so users can quickly compare the technology to other forms of traditional and additive manufacturing.
Editor’s Pick: Real-time quality assurance for advanced metal additive printing
The new module is Data Analyzer, software for quality assurance and data analysis.