Luxexcel launches platform for making 3D-printed prescription lenses

VisionPlatform 7 integrates a ready-to-use solutions to 3D print prescription eyewear

VisionPlatform 7 integrates a ready-to-use solutions to 3D print prescription eyewear

Luxexcel launches Luxexcel VisionPlatform 7, which allows businesses to offer 3D-printed smart lenses that are lightweight, thin, and can be used in commercial frames similar to traditional eyeglasses. 

VisionPlatform 7 integrates objects such as waveguides, holographic optical elements, and liquid crystal foils during the 3D printing process, according to the announcement. The platform includes hardware, proprietary materials, advanced software, and processes to create prescription eyewear on-demand. Luxexcel expects the platform to accelerate their Augmented Reality (AR) eyewear projects and give designers the flexibility to create the smartglasses they want.

Fabio Esposito, Chief Executive Officer at Luxexcel says, “More than 75% of the adult world population today requires prescription lenses. Luxexcel provides a disruptive solution where smart technology is seamlessly combined with a prescription lens, rather than adding prescription power to the smart device as an afterthought. Luxexcel is accelerating the market introduction of true consumer smart glasses by allowing technology companies to manufacture prescription smart eyewear in the comfort of their own manufacturing home.”

This launch follows Luxexcel’s demo earlier this year, proving that the three vital elements of AR smartglasses – prescription lens, a waveguide, and a projector in a fashionable device – can be combined into a 3D printed prescription lens. 

VisionPlatform 7 features include materials for high temperatures, printed hardcoating, and custom lens designs.

Luxexcel provides the technology to 3D-print commercial lenses. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of consumer smart eyewear, enabled by its patented 3D printing manufacturing platform. 

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