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MachineWorks Releases Polygonica 3.3

Polygonica is a component software library.

Polygonica is a component software library.

Heatmap comparison between remeshing with vertex adjustment and the original. Image courtesy of MachineWorks.

MachineWorks Ltd. makes available Polygonica 3.3, a substantial upgrade from previous versions.

Polygonica is a component software library for working with polygon meshes that helps companies in industrial markets solve complex 2D and 3D geometrical problems. The main functions of Polygonica include mesh healing, Booleans, offsetting, remeshing, simplification, shrinkwrap, surface and feature detection and point-cloud manipulation and meshing.

Headline improvements in Polygonica 3.3 include:

  • Adjust vertices during remeshing to lie on a mathematical CAD surface
  • Edge blending and chamfering
  • Shelling ( Hollowing with selected face removal )
  • Z Compensation for 3D printing
  • 1D medial guided skeleton
  • New option for healing of complex self-intersecting support structures
  • New point cloud registration options
  • Point cloud to mesh registration and alignment
  • General point set to point set registration
  • Sparse point set registration
  • Closing a mesh using a reference mesh
  • Gap thickness and protrusion (height) analysis
  • Support for feature detection of fillets and chamfers
  • Scaling of deformation compensation
  • Tangential extension of poly-curves
  • Option to use surface detection in 3D medial axis computation
  • Tolerance-based pruning option in 2D medial axis creation

“As always, much of the headline functionality in Polygonica 3.3 is based on requests from OEM customers in the CAE, AM, CAM and dental modelling markets, along with larger manufacturers and dental labs now using Polygonica directly in their in-house workflows,” says Fenqiang Lin, managing director of MachineWorks. “We are also starting to see the fruition of some longer term projects, such as edge blending, and we plan to release seamless UV parameterisation very soon.”

For more detailed information, refer to the blog Polygonica 3.3 New Features.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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