Better Rotating Equipment with Cloud-Native Engineering Simulation

SimScale is committed to making engineering simulation more accessible to all engineers, especially those working in industries that have not traditionally leveraged simulation in their design processes.

SimScale is committed to making engineering simulation more accessible to all engineers, especially those working in industries that have not traditionally leveraged simulation in their design processes.

SimScale is bringing a new solution to the rotating equipment market.

Digital prototyping, in many stages along the R&D cycle, not only reduces cost and time by avoiding the trial-and-error characteristics typically seen in physical prototyping but also allows engineers to explore the full design space.

Fluid flow simulation showing motor-driven airflow through a blower. The airflow is colored by velocity and is shown flowing through the air intakes and nozzle.

We have created the world’s first cloud-native platform for engineering simulation covering fluid, thermal, structural applications, and more. Here, we cover how our simulation solution, now with additional specialization for rotating machinery, can yield reliable, accurate results faster than ever.

Versatile and Accessible

Our proprietary solver is a versatile solution for a broad range of applications within the rotating machinery industry. From compressors and fans to turbochargers and propellers, engineers can leverage engineering simulation that gets them results quickly for analyzing and improving designs.

Simulation results showing centrifugal pump CFD analysis using the Subsonic analysis type. Test this project yourself here. Run time: 4 Minutes

Accessibility is the foundation of SimScale’s vision. You can import your native CAD files, run simulations and process your results without ever leaving your web browser. As a simulation solution born in the cloud, SimScale gives engineers access to their projects from anywhere at any time. Nothing is run locally, liberating engineers from the myriad constraints of traditional simulation software. Large file sharing is a thing of the past, as projects can be shared with colleagues and customers with a simple web link.

Additionally, with SimScale’s API, you can easily integrate customized workflows with your existing tools and processes. SimScale is part of the strong push for digital transformation in the rotating equipment industry.

Fast and Accurate

Accuracy is of utmost importance to those in the rotating equipment and industrial equipment market and, that is why we make no compromises when it comes to performing true and accurate simulation. Our proprietary solver technology, designed specifically for rotating machinery, was tested extensively, validated against industry-standard models, and approved by our very own customers. The graph below shows the strong performance, validated for both compressible and incompressible flows.

SimScale vs. published experimental data for a centrifugal pump. The graph shows that SimScale can accurately predict the pressure head and power of rotating machinery equipment.

With the cloud doing the heavy lifting, SimScale’s new offering is one of the fastest solutions on the market. Meshing is completely automated and solving complex equations needed for rotating equipment simulations are handled by the cloud, leaving designers free to kick off multiple simulations in parallel and iterate with speed. Pump curves have been simulated in less than 15 minutes and were validated to within 2% of manufacturers’ data.

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