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VCollab Company Profile

Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc
100 W. Big Beaver, #200
Troy, Michigan, 48084
United States of America
248-835-6880 , 248-498-6003
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Visual Collaboration Technologies

VCollab helps manufacturers deliver better products by making actionable, 3D simulation insights easily sharable across teams, geographies and global supply chains.

For more than a decade, we’ve helped over 100 companies to realize the full benefits of simulation.

VCollab automates the process of extracting, merging, and reporting simulation insights in 3D, high-fidelity, browser-viewable model-based simulation story boards, expanding access to critical simulation insights to everyone involved in design and manufacturing. 

Making actionable insights widely available leads to better and faster engineering decisions ― which leads to better products.

VCollab also saves valuable simulation analyst time by eliminating the need for manually-created, 2D simulation reports. Developing simulation reports for engineers who lack the access and skills to use native simulation tools not only wastes time, it substantially reduces the simulation information available to non-analysts.

With VCollab, report generation is automated, reducing the time to create and modify from days to minutes, while expanding access to high-fidelity 3D simulation insights to anyone in your organization or supply chain. 

And we make this possible with products that can be implemented in days, not weeks or months.

Headquartered in Troy, MI, Visual Collaboration Technologies is a privately-owned software solutions company.

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VCollab Solves Simulation Collaboration Challenges
VCollab merges information from multiple CAE and CAD files into a single 3D, vendor-neutral, and compact format for analysis and collaboration.
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VCollab in the News

New features were driven by the needs of some of the company’s largest automotive, aerospace and industrial customers.

VCollab merges information from multiple CAE and CAD sources into a single 3D file.

Aras will use the VCollab technology in Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM) processes across the lifecycle. 

Simulation industry experts discuss the challenges faced by organization who want to advance the democratization of simulation.

New simulation community-driven portal, Rev-Sim, provides a one-stop resource to support movement to democratize simulation, company says.

The platform can now offer JT-formatted data.

The functionality can add simulation results, models and the bill of materials into an interactive PDF.

The feature helps engineers easily find, study and present the differences in CAE results.

3D viewing platform to be integrated into SimManager for data sharing, collaboration.

Partnership to distribute VCollab software as part of CADFEM's CAE solutions portfolio.

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