Editor’s Pick: Latest PolyJet 3D Printer Offers “Designed for Designers” Feature Set 

Stratasys J826 PolyJet 3D printer rounds out the company’s line of line of full-color, multi-material photopolymer 3D printers as a model “designed for designers.”

Stratasys J826 PolyJet 3D printer rounds out the company’s line of line of full-color, multi-material photopolymer 3D printers as a model “designed for designers.”

The Stratasys J826 3D Printer extends the power of J8-series 3D printers to mid-volume enterprise shops and educational institutions. Image courtesy of Business Wire.

Stratasys introduces the J826 PolyJet, the latest in its line of full-color, multi-material photopolymer 3D printers. Stratasys says this new model is “designed for designers,” combining part realism and productivity. The target market is mid-sized enterprises and educational institutions.  

The J826 can print full PANTONE-Validated color and can print with up to seven separate materials. This latest model in the PolyJet J8-series comes in at about half the price of other models in the line. Stratasys says the J826 “makes it possible for enterprise groups to save weeks on design cycles” by creating realistic prototypes that help achieve the exact intent of the designer. The company sees the ideal user as enterprises with mid-volume modeling requirements in industries such as consumer goods and electronics, automotive and educational institutions.

The J826 3D printer uses the same high-performance PolyJet materials as the J850, including the full range of textures, transparency with VeroUltraClear, and PANTONE-Validated color. This gives professional and student designers access to the universal language of color to help make reliable, realistic decision-making prototypes.

The J826 is fully supported by Stratasys’s GrabCAD Print software, ensuring a smooth import of common CAD formats including SolidWorks models.

The J826 3D printer features a maximum build volume size of 10x9.9x7.9-in. (255x252x200 mm). Like other J8-series printers, seven-material capacity means operators can load their most frequently used resins and avoid downtime associated with material changeovers. Multiple print modes let users adjust the speed and quality of the print to meet specific needs, from high quality mode to high speed mode.

The J826 is expected to be available to order and ship in May 2020. It was announced at the recent 3DXPERIENCE World Conference in Nashville.  

For more information on the power of 3D printed realism for designers and engineers, click here. 

A video introducing the new release is here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website. 

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