Siemens Debuts More Tire Modeling Capabilities in Real-Time Environments

The Simcenter Tyre team releases MF-Tyre/MF-Swift 2019.1 with more possibilities to test with MSC ADAMS.

The Simcenter Tyre team releases MF-Tyre/MF-Swift 2019.1 with more possibilities to test with MSC ADAMS.

Image courtesy of Siemens PLM Software.

Siemens' previous release of MF-Tyre/MF-Swift (v7.3) already adopted the MF-Swift Enveloping functionality and OpenCRG implementation, enabling accurate tire modeling on uneven roads in Real Time. Release MF-Tyre/MF-Swift 2019.1 adds multiple practical features as well as compatibility with MSC ADAMS.

MSC ADAMSTM Compatibility

A completely new interface between MF-Tyre/MF-Swift and MSC ADAMSTM has been realized. This new interface supports native ADAMS roads as well as multi-thread simulations. 

Thread Safety

The MF-Tyre/MF-Swift software is now 100% thread safe, enabling parallel computation of tires over multiple threads.

Parameter estimation functionality as implemented in MF-Tyre/MF-Swift v6.2 has also been implemented in v2019.1. This feature enables using datasets with as little as five model parameters, an ideal feature with which an optimal balance between tire testing effort and model accuracy can be obtained for each application.

MF-Tyre/MF-Swift v2019.1 accepts TIR-files with parameter sets of versions 5.2, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2.

MF-Tyre/MF-Swift v2019.1 is currently available in combination with Matlab Simulink and MSC ADAMSTM. IPG CarMaker, Mechanical Simulation Corp CarSim and VI-CarRealTime support MF-Tyre/MF-Swift v7.3 for Real-Time applications.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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